Great Second Date Ideas for Men and Women

May 7, 2010

        Great Inexpensive Second Date Ideas For Men and Women

     You have reached that magical second date.  What to do, where to go.  Great possibilities are in the air, you don’t want to blow it now.  What do you do?

      Well the idea is that you want to do something that is fun, but you want to keep the conversation going because this is about getting to know each other.  You want to have fun, but you still need to get to know each other and that involves conversation, a lot of it.  The last thing that you want to do is go to the movies.  You can’t or shouldn’t talk in the movies.  So I have come up with some great ideas.

     Ideally the date should start with breakfast.  This makes for an early day and time for the activity and a natural stopping point if the date does not go well after the activity.  If the date goes well, you stop for lunch and continue the conversation.

ART SHOWS  These are great because you are outside.  This makes for walking and talking and viewing and discussing art.  It never hurts to add a little class to the date.  You get brownie points for suggesting it.

    STATE FAIRS OR LOCAL FAIRS  This has the example of also being outside, cheap and involves walking, talking and viewing exhibits.

     AIR SHOWS  Air shows are a blast that most people have never attended.  They involve static airplane displays and aerobatic maneuvers by planes in the air.  It is also either free or cheap.  They are free on military bases and very cheap at local airports.  They allow you to bring in food and drinks in coolers or the local food vendors are very inexpensive.  Again they are outside and involve walking and talking.  Do you see a recurring theme taking place here.

    ART AND CRAFT SHOWS  These tend to be inside when the weather is bad.  Again with the walking, talking and viewing things and discussing them.

   HOME AND GARDEN SHOWS   You get the idea, more inside walking, talking and seeing things.

   A LONG WALK preferably along any body of water.  Water naturally sparks conversations.

   A PICNIC  It sounds old fashioned and romantic.  It can be spur of the moment where you stop at a deli and order the makings for a picnic, fried chicken, potato salad, cold drinks and dessert like cheesecake wedges.

     A CAR SHOW  This could be inside or outside and again it involves walking and talking and looking at things.

     GO BOWLING  Lots of fun even if you are no good.  It works for inside when the weather is bad.

     FLEA MARKETS  Involves more walking and talking

     HORSEBACK RIDING Romantic and fun, does not involve walking but still doing something, going somewhere and talking.  Combine with picnic idea above.

If you are a man, women want men to take charge and lead so pick something and have a backup unless she does not like your first proposal.

If you are a woman, and the guy does not have any ideas, suggest one of these and cut him a little slack.  The key is that you are interviewing mr. or ms. right and you need time for lots of free flowing relaxed conversation in a fun environment.  Use my ideas or come up with your own and good luck out there.

How To Get a Woman To Like You

March 24, 2010

This is a perennial question that bugs both boys and men for centuries. Women obviously don’t think like men so men try and figure them out. I am here to help you out.

The very first thing that women like is strong self confident men. Even if you are not strong or self confident, you must act like it and fake it til you make it. I am not saying lie, but you need to act more self confident. Pretty soon you are feeling more self confident. One of the things that will help your self confidence is taking karate. It engenders more self confidence plus strength, plus being able to protect the woman that you care about. This self confidence projects itself to potential bullies. When you show no fear because you know that you can take him out, guys read that in your eyes and will back down.

Women like gentlemen with manners, opening the door for the woman, giving her your jacket when she is cold, going to get the car when it is raining and picking her up at the door.

Learning to talk with confidence to a woman. The best way to do that is to take control of the conversation by constantly asking her questions like:

Where do you hope to be in five years, what do you like to do for fun, what are your career goals. Just keep asking questions which will make you appear very calm and self confident. The woman has to do most of the talking taking the pressure off of you. By asking her questions, you show her that you are interested in her.

Take the lead and plan fun dates. These dates should involve walking and talking. Sitting in a movie theatre does little for conversation. Take her to outdoor art shows, air shows, county or state fairs, car shows, flea markets, farmers markets, bowling, shopping at the mall. The main thing that it should make for easy conversation. For a home run, enroll both of you in a single cooking class together. The other thing is to learn to cook some great dishes and cook for her. Nothing makes a woman feel pampered than when a guy cooks for her.

Give her a sincere compliment not related to her figure. Tell her that she has beautiful eyes or pretty hair. Compliment her scent or perfume.

Compliment what she is wearing and tell her that you really admire her sense of style.

Once she is ready to take it to the next level, you need to be prepared to be good in bed. Study articles on foreplay techniques. Take your time and don’t rush it. You can see some articles that I have written online by googling my email address on the subject of sex and how to be a hero in the bedroom. Go out there and use this stuff. You can contact me for a half hour free consultation.

Great Inexpensive Second Date Ideas Or Married Date Ideas

March 23, 2010

I grew up in an extremely dysfunctional home. I had a cold, distant and alcoholic mother. I had an unbelievably cruel father who enjoyed inflicting pain on my two brother s and me. Some examples: He hit me full force with a punch to my nose, shattering it for the sin of interrupting him when he was talking. He told me to take a bath and go to bed, leaving my broken nose untreated. 3 years later I experienced something that has profoundly changed me for life. My 6 year old brother rebelled in a way that came to haunt us. He went over to his school in the summer with another boy and threw paint all over the school. The police were called and they were caught and brought him home. My father said that he would take care of it. He took him back into the bedroom where he shared with his 3 year old brother, next to my room where I was. He proceeded to beat him with a belt and would not stop. I was convinced that he was going to kill him.

I desperately wanted to stop him. At 12 I was trying to figure out how to stop my father from killing my little brother. I considered that I was not big enough or strong enough to stop him. I thought about my baseball bat. I was plagued with doubts as I tried desperately to figure a way to stop my father while hearing the blood curdling screams of my little brother being savagely beaten. I thought that I could go in and threaten him and he would stop. Then I realized that he would take the bat away from me and use it on me. Then I thought that I could go in and hit him in the head and knock him out. Then I realized he would wake up and beat me with the bat so enraged that he likely would kill me. Then I thought of hitting him in the head so hard that I killed him. The thought of going to jail for life stopped me. In the end I sat in my room in tears and desperately hating myself because I was not big enough or strong enough to stop him. He continued beating my little brother until he exhausted himself. He had to go and sit down in his recliner to rest. After resting for a half hour he went in again and beat on him yet again. I don’t know how my brother survived it and my little brother was terrified at age 3. There were many other beatings in the household.

As I got a little older, I was always picked on by bullies and always cowered because of my father. That incident so filled me with rage that two years later, I got into a fight with a kid who squirted chocolate milk on my white shirt at school. I beat the crap out of him and then had to beat the crap out of another guy right afterwards. Then two days later had to beat the crap out of someone again. It was an awakening for me. No more did I have to tolerate bullies. I told the old man that the beatings were going to stop at home or I would beat him to death and meant it, unafraid. Never again would I fear another man.

I wondered at man’s inhumanity to man. Like all kids who were abused as kids, you grow up bent in one of two different directions; you either grow up to be a bully or you grow up to join the ranks of the helping professions. I decided to get into the helping professions because there was no one there to protect my brothers and myself when we needed it.

I see marriages breaking up, parents fighting in front of kids and terrifying them. Using kids in the parents battle against each other. I want it to stop and I am willing to do whatever I can to stop it and help couples get along and grow and nurture each other. That is my goal as well as my dream. Please help me to spread the word.

I offer a money back guarantee and a half hour free consultation. Email me and I will call you and set up a phone appt to help. I can help with kids, your sex life or your relationship. You have absolute anonymity with me. I want to help and I am good at it.

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