Great Second Date Ideas, Or For Anytime For That Matter

December 29, 2011

Great Inexpensive Second Date Ideas

May 24

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Great Inexpensive Second Date Ideas For Men and Women

You have reached that magical second date. What to do, where to go. Great possibilities are in the air, you don’t want to blow it now. What do you do?

Well the idea is that you want to do something that is fun, but you want to keep the conversation going because this is about getting to know each other. You want to have fun, but you still need to get to know each other and that involves conversation, a lot of it. The last thing that you want to do is go to the movies. You can’t or shouldn’t talk in the movies. So I have come up with some great ideas.

Ideally the date should start with breakfast. This makes for an early day and time for the activity and a natural stopping point if the date does not go well after the activity. If the date goes well, you stop for lunch and continue the conversation.

ART SHOWS These are great because you are outside. This makes for walking and talking and viewing and discussing art. It never hurts to add a little class to the date. You get brownie points for suggesting it.

STATE FAIRS OR LOCAL FAIRS This has the example of also being outside, cheap and involves walking, talking and viewing exhibits.

AIR SHOWS Air shows are a blast that most people have never attended. They involve static airplane displays and aerobatic maneuvers by planes in the air. It is also either free or cheap. They are free on military bases and very cheap at local airports. They allow you to bring in food and drinks in coolers or the local food vendors are very inexpensive. Again they are outside and involve walking and talking. Do you see a recurring theme taking place here.

ART AND CRAFT SHOWS These tend to be inside when the weather is bad. Again with the walking, talking and viewing things and discussing them.

HOME AND GARDEN SHOWS You get the idea, more inside walking, talking and seeing things.

A LONG WALK preferably along any body of water. Water naturally sparks conversations.

A PICNIC It sounds old fashioned and romantic. It can be spur of the moment where you stop at a deli and order the makings for a picnic, fried chicken, potato salad, cold drinks and dessert like cheesecake wedges.

A CAR SHOW This could be inside or outside and again it involves walking and talking and looking at things.

GO BOWLING Lots of fun even if you are no good. It works for inside when the weather is bad.

FLEA MARKETS Involves more walking and talking

HORSEBACK RIDING Romantic and fun, does not involve walking but still doing something, going somewhere and talking. Combine with picnic idea above.

If you are a man, women want men to take charge and lead so pick something and have a backup unless she does not like your first proposal.

If you are a woman, and the guy does not have any ideas, suggest one of these and cut him a little slack. The key is that you are interviewing mr. or ms. right and you need time for lots of free flowing relaxed conversation in a fun environment. Use my ideas or come up with your own and good luck out there.

Tell Tale Signs To Watch For in Initial Dating That Reveal a Person’s Character

August 20, 2011

Figure out your date quickly

By Amy Spencer


This is a great guest post from I would like to add that how a man tips and treats wait staff is an important show of
character. Ask a woman to wear a dress to your first date and then note her reaction. If she agrees then she is a good choice
if she gets all angry then better to just ditch that first date and keep on looking. This simple question will reveal much
about her character and how she is at giving you you desires and wants.

Go ahead, Google your date all you want. But the fact is, you can find out even more about that special someone by sharing a few particularly telling date-night activities together. Certain activities, you see, bring out the best or worst in people — and contain hidden clues about how he or she will treat you. Suggest doing one of these things during your time together and you’ll have plenty of information!

Activity #1: Share a communal meal
Instead of choosing the standard dinner fare, take your date to a place that encourages — or better yet, requires — that you share what you order, whether that’s fondue, Korean barbecue, or tapas. Suddenly, the “I’ll order mine, you order yours” rule is out the window, so you’ll get the real scoop on how well he or she can compromise. When you suggest something exotic, does your date seem open to it or make a face while steering you toward something else on the menu? Once the food arrives, there’s more to learn. Those who get territorial about the dish they wanted or seem leery of infringing on “yours” or “your half” all suggest that the give-and-take that relationships require won’t come naturally, warns Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of DSI: Date Scene Investigation. The true keepers are those who will voluntarily dump the last morsel on your plate and won’t mind if you’ve double-dipped. (After all, if your date can’t handle sharing a little saliva over nachos and salsa, how is this person ever going to handle more intimate moments, like kissing?)

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Activity #2: Play a game
Want to know how your date plays the game of life? Pit yourself against your partner in pool, darts, miniature golf, or stay home and have a battle on the Xbox or Kinect. As you’re playing, ask yourself: Is your date playful or serious about scoring? Does this person curse when losing or gloat when winning? “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to win, but you’ll learn a lot if your date has to win,” points out Sharyn Wolf, a Manhattan psychotherapist and the author of Guerilla Dating Tactics: Strategies, Tips and Secrets for Finding Romance. If your date’s got a serious competitive streak, you’d be fooling yourself to think it doesn’t carry over to other areas — like his or her love life. “These people will see arguments as win/lose propositions, too, and they won’t quit until they’ve won,” warns Kerner. If, however, your date cheers you on when you score a point, that’s a sign of a truly supportive partner, so take note.

Activity #3: Put on your dancing shoes
The next time you’re out, consider dragging your date onto the dance floor — and fear not, this isn’t about having a dance-off. In fact, seeing your date getting down isn’t even about the dancing; rather, it’s about his or her willingness to dance in the first place. “There’s nothing that makes a person more self-conscious than dancing — especially men,” says Wolf. “If your date dances, this shows that the person’s good at surrendering, at not being in complete control in front of others, and that he or she is less concerned about what others will think.” Which is all good information to have!

Activity #4: Take a stroll
Instead of sitting down for a movie or a cup of coffee, step outdoors for a walk through a park and see what happens. Can you two keep the conversation going away from music, food and people-watching? “It’s life without props,” points out Kerner. See how your date handles any lulls in the conversation. The longer this person can wait before filling in the silence, the more comfortable your date is in his or her own skin — and the lower the chances are that what you’re seeing is just a “front” this person has put up in order to impress you.

Activity #5: Go for a drive together
The next time your date offers to drive you somewhere, pay attention to how he or she reacts on the road. “Driving is very, very revealing,” says body language expert Patti Wood ( “Years ago, I was on a first date with a man who’d turn left at yellow lights and took lots of risks on the road. That told me he was a person who would always live a little on the edge.” Other insights from Wood: lane-changers will probably always be on the lookout for someone better-looking, smarter or richer than you. Picky parkers who always want to go around one more time to see if they can snag a closer spot probably have problems with commitment. Herky-jerky drivers who accelerate and brake so quickly they leave your stomach queasy may have a poor sense of pacing in all areas of their lives. Plus, if you’re driving, see how he or she handles it; nagging that you should slow down, speed up, or otherwise do things differently is a sign this person probably won’t love you just the way you are (starting with your bad driving).

Amy Spencer writes for Glamour, Maxim, New York and Real Simple

Dating Tips To Make You Better

August 16, 2011

By Lauren Romano – Mon Jun 13 1:57pm PDT
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I was a waitress on and off for a few years, and it gave me a surprising amount of insight about dating and relationships. It’s one of the benefits of observing people as well as being able to converse with them. I also overheard quite a few conversations, some of which certainly caught me off guard. Being a waitress is typically not an easy job, but you meet a lot of people, and after awhile, you’re able to point things out about them from across the room that may seem less obvious to those around them. Whether I was a counter waitress or waiting on tables, I learned quickly that you can learn quite a bit about dating and relationships just by listening and observing.

Don’t monopolize the conversation

I can’t tell you how many times I watched two people on a date where one person was monopolizing the conversation and the other could barely say a single word. I would see the silent person’s face go from interested to bored to irritated and the other person didn’t seem to have a clue. When you’re conversing with your date, ask questions and listen well. You’re also there to enjoy the food, so don’t rush to fill every bit of silence with chatter — especially when you’re chewing at the same time. Speaking of which, talking with your mouth full is not attractive.

Little surprises will get you major points

One night, a woman walked off to the restroom and her date frantically waved me over and asked if he could quickly have two slices of cake. As I placed them on the table, he apologized for rushing me and told me he wanted to surprise his date because it was her favorite cake and he wanted to show her he remembered that she told him about it weeks before. She had a look of confusion and surprise as she sat down, and he presumably told her what he told me, because her face lit up and she had a big smile on her face. When you take the initiative to surprise someone you care about, it can completely make their day and earn you some major points. Also, listening well is going to be a major part of having a good relationship.

Beware of the cell phone

There is a good chance that your partner, at one point or another, searched through your phone when you weren’t looking and checked your texts or missed calls. I’ve seen more than enough people grab their date’s phone when the person got up from the table to use the restroom. I’ve also seen plenty of arguments over what was found. Several times, the person even had permission to use the phone for one reason or another. There’s a few things to learn from this situation; lock your phone and don’t do anything that can be considered scandalous with anyone other than the person you’re dating and, if you do, don’t leave the information on your phone, especially if you give your partner permission to use it. Also, whether or not you have permission to use someone’s phone, it doesn’t mean you’re allowed to snoop.

There’s no age limit for a new relationship

There was an older couple I was waiting on once and they looked so in love with each other it was amazing. When I put down their drinks, the older gentleman looked at me with a smile and said about his date “Isn’t she beautiful? It’s our two year anniversary.” Another waitress told me the couple is in their early 70’s. Despite what some may think, they’re a true testament that there’s no age limit for finding a new love.

Being nice to waitstaff can make or break your date

As any waitress could tell you, not every customer is going to be nice. When you’re on a date and you’re rude to your waitress, there’s a good chance your date is not going to be happy. A guy was once so rude to me I thought his date was going to throw her plate at him. He didn’t ask nicely for anything, he only demanded. He also threw his gum into a cloth napkin, handed it to me with the gum stuck on top of it, and told me to hurry and bring him a new one; the rude behavior continued for the rest of the time he was there. On the way out, his date apologized for his behavior and told me she’s never seeing him again. The nicer you are to those around you and not just to your date, the more it’s going to put you in a good light.

The best dates were always when each person had general respect for each other. They listened to their date, asked questions, and genuinely just wanted to put a smile on the person’s face. It’s easy to be nervous when you’re out with someone you like, but the next time you’re on a date, keep in mind that the best thing you can do is be yourself, be respectful, show interest and everything else will fall into place.

More from Lauren:

8 Sure Fire Signs That She Is In To You

August 9, 2011

This is a great guest post from the online mag entitled The Frisky. It will give men a heads up whether a woman is into you or just being polite.
Blessings on you and yours
John Wilder

Eight Signs a Woman Wants You

Ashley Edwards Walker

That beauty sitting next to you at the bar let you buy her a drink, laughed at your jokes and, wait, did she just brush your knee? She may be flirting—and maybe not. Because women are raised to be polite, guys sometimes mistake friendliness for flirtation, says Bree Maresca-Kramer, M.A., relationship expert and author of It’s That Simple! For Men. “We weren’t taught how to get out of an uncomfortable situation, so we’ll just try to be nice.”

But that can backfire when a woman really is interested. “Often women think that they’re giving clear signals, and if the man’s not responding, they take it as a rejection,” she explains. “He’s just not aware, and they both walk away unfulfilled.” To clear up the confusion, here are eight signs a woman wants you.

1. She’s primping
Maybe it goes back to our primal instincts to present ourselves in a way that attracts the best mate, but if she’s doing things such as smoothing her blouse, playing with her hair or adjusting her posture, she’s into you. “Most of the time she’s not aware she’s doing these things, so if a guy notices them he’s going to be clued in,” Maresca-Kramer says. Compliment her efforts, and if you make her blush, even better.

2. Her pupils grow
“When a person is emotionally or sexually aroused, the pupil dilates and becomes up to ten times larger,” observes Jena Pincott, author of Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes: The Science Behind Love, Sex, and Attraction. This involuntary action is a sure sign of attraction. “Interestingly, women who prefer ‘bad boys’ have a preference for guys with big pupils too,” Pincott adds.

3. Her lower body likes you
“If she’s sitting with her legs crossed and her top leg is slightly swinging, or if her foot is pointed toward him, she’s attracted,” Maresca-Kramer notes. Mimic her posture by turning your hips toward her to signal that the interest is mutual.

4. Her language style matches yours
If a woman repeats your phrases or uses words similar to yours, she’s flirting. “In one study, couples whose speaking styles were in sync more than average were nearly four times as likely to desire a second date as those that were not,” Pincott says. To increase your chance of seeing her again, repeat one of her quirky phrases later in the conversation.

5. She talks funny
When flirting, women will speak in a higher pitch, and use more “I” and less “we” in their speech, Pincott says. “Both genders convey intended flirtation by laughing more and speaking faster. Men ask more questions when they are flirting.” In all of human history, asking more questions of a woman has never been a bad move.

6. She asks questions
“A lot of guys look at meeting women in the wrong context,” notes Christian Hudson, dating coach and founder of, a website that teaches men how to be more charismatic. “They look at a woman who is kind of responsive to them and they say, ‘Oh, she’s interested in me.’ What you really want is a woman who is very engaged.” If she’s asking questions, she’s invested in your conversation. Answer her slowly and vaguely to build intrigue.

7. She thinks deeply
Hudson encourages his clients to use this test when trying to determine whether the lady they’ve met is “feeling the same temperature that you are.” Ask an open-ended question such as “If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be and why?” about 10 minutes into the conversation. “The depth of her answer is going to be a good gauge of how into you she is.”

8. She’s into your touch
When all else fails, rely on subtle touching. Try “accidentally” touching the back of her hand with your hand, or let your foot brush up against her foot. “If she allows it, that’s a good sign she’s feeling your physical presence and she’s enjoying it,” Hudson says. Note: This is not an invitation to lunge for her breasts…yet. Be subtle, man. Subtle.

20 Things Girls Want Guys To Know

May 7, 2011

20 Things Girls Want Guys To Know
This is from Rebecca Dawns blog. I thought I would take a little break from the serious issues on here and bring a light hearted post for your reading pleasure. For us guys, many times women are a mystery to us wrapped up in an enigma overlaid in a conundrum. Here are some inside tips for your guidance straight from a girls brain.
I welcome all comments. Here is the link to her blog.

1. We love when you cuddle with us.
2. A kiss on the cheek is a definite yes.
3. We want you to put your arm around us in the movies.
4. We don’t care if you are the strongest guy in the world.
5. Size does not matter so don’t tell us.
6. We don’t always look our best so get over it.
7. We should not have to plan everything, we like it when you take the lead
8. We are always ready to talk so call us.
9. We are not perfect so deal with it.
10. We love surprises.
11. The little things you do for us means the most.
12. We are not always girly girls.
13. We can like your boy stuff too.
14. Cursing and fighting does not impress us.
15. Don’t be mean to us to get our attention.
16. Don’t tell us who is hot because we don’t care.
17. We can tell when you are not listening so listen up.
18. When we say we are cold, that is your invitation to come closer.
19. Hugs mean more sometimes.
20. We need your advice sometimes so don’t be afraid to give it to us.

11 Dating Tips For Men To Be More Successful

May 6, 2011

This post was copied from Men’s Health. They have some good advice for guys in getting along with women

Observe the 4 p.m. Deadline
As the big date approaches, women worry that they’ll be stood up. This is why there’s a 4 p.m. deadline. If you call at 4:20 to confirm the 8 p.m. date, I’ll have already made other plans, just to protect myself from the letdown. Call between noon and 4, or risk being set adrift like a hard-luck astronaut.

Choose the Location Well
If we live in a city, the first date should be closer to my place than yours—so you can walk me home. You should reach the meeting place on time or a little early. If you’re driving to my place, pick me up 5 minutes late. There may be a stray hair that needs taming. And observe proper car etiquette. Always open the door for me, whether or not your car has power locks. Pressing a button does not a gentleman make.

Money Matters
Spending too much on a date makes me think you’re trying to buy my affection. Or worse. I’d rather see evidence of your personal interest than your interest-bearing accounts. Special note: If you’re spending more than $200 on a woman who isn’t sleeping with you, you’re a sucker. And she sucks

Pay Attention
Girls spend a lot of time getting glam. They also spend a lot of time wondering if guys notice. Respond to my efforts.
But Chill with the Compliments
Give me a couple of sincere snaps—but make sure they’re thoughtful. If you say you like my smile or my eyes, I’ve heard it before. Say, “Look at that dimple,” or, “Wow, you have great eyelashes.” Now you have my attention. Compliment my intelligence, sassiness, or unfaltering talent for ordering the best guac. Now you might get some ass.

Don’t Go All Donald on Me
Unless a woman is a hopeless climber, you won’t impress her with what you own (that is, if you own anything). Instead, let me discover what’s valuable about you, not what you’ve bought.

Notice What I Drink
Ask me if I’d like a refill when I leave an empty glass behind and head for the ladies’ room. This makes you attentive and thoughtful. This makes me happy and socially lubricated.
Walk Me to My Door
It’s a scary world, and I want you to protect me. If you’re welcome inside my apartment, I will invite you. Do not ask to use my bathroom.

Kiss Me
If the date has gone well, lips must come into play. Even if it’s just a peck. It gives me more peace of mind than you can imagine. Don’t be discouraged if I hesitate to kiss you in return. I might be shy or nervous because I really like you. Or maybe you have bad breath. It doesn’t mean I don’t, or won’t, want you.
Recognize the Kiss-Off
Game over if I don’t kiss you on a second date. Take the hint.

How To Avoid First Date Jitters for Women and Have a Great First Date

March 6, 2010

How To Avoid First Date Jitters and Have a Fantastic First Date For Women

  You say that you would just as soon stay home than go on a first date?  The problem is that the first date is the means to the end of starting a new relationship.  Here are some tips to make the first date something exciting rather than something to dread.

     First of all, it is important to get in touch with your feelings why you dread the first date.  If you are honest with yourself, you don’t feel worthy.  This is because far too many women engage in negative self talk.  If you can’t love yourself, how do you expect anyone else to love you.  You have to develop a positive self esteem.  You have to consider yourself a catch that is worthy of that date.

   You can do this by simply setting down and honestly posting your good and bad points on a piece of paper.  Almost all women can come up with more good points than bad. This means that you automatically pass.  Now you have to work on adding good points and removing your faults.  The best way to do that is to concentrate on setting goals for yourself and achieving them.  Once you achieve a goal, you will feel better about yourself.  Keep doing that and your self esteem will skyrocket.

    Now you have to realize what a guy expects from a first date.  It is a job interview.  He is looking for you to communicate in very clear language that you will always respect him and that you will always take care of his sexual needs, willingly , lovingly and enthusiastically.  You really need to communicate that message to him without actually giving him sex.  Far too many women gave up sex way too easily and too soon hoping that the guy will develop feelings and have  a relationship with you.  Men are hard wired for the chase and the pursuit.  No, you have to hold off on the sex until there is a relationship.  Most guys will wait on the sex as long as you have convinced him that it is worth the wait.

     The way that you convince him that you are a sexual woman is to exude sexuality without being slutty.  You need to dress the part.  First of all, don’t even think about wearing those deadly dull, virginal white panties with no lace or worse yet cotton panties.  Cotton panties only belong on little girls and little old ladies.   You want to be wearing a frilly lacy bra, preferably unlined and frilly lacy panties.  Now he is not going to see these things, but you need to wear them so as to feel more feminine and sexual.  Now I know that some of you are going to say, I am not going to wear that slutty stuff, falsely assuming anyone who wears them, are slutty.  Here is a good time to tell you the old Italian proverb about the 3 things that a man looks for in a wife:  A good hostess for his friends.  A good mother for his children.  And a slut in the bedroom.

    Now you want to wear a tight clingy top and a short flirty denim skirt with high heels.  You only get one chance to make a first impression and you want to knock his socks off.

This is an impression that he won’t be able to get out of his mind.  I suggest that you  “accidentally on purpose” give him a flash of those sexy panties.  You also need to rethink your position on sexuality.  When the sex actually starts, you want to get over those ”little girl” inhibitions over things that you won’t do for a man in bed.  The last thing that you want him to feel the first time that he makes love with you is how much better his previous girlfriend was in bed than you.  You want to give him the best sex that he has ever had in his life, if you want this relationship to last.

    Now that you are facing the first date, and you have all of your tools at hand, there is one last final tip.  Take control of the conversation without him even realizing that you have.  This is much easier than you think.  Just keep asking him questions about himself.  Ask him what his hopes and dreams are, what are his interests and passions. Ask him where he would like to be in 5 years?  Ask him what his idea of a perfect woman is for a relationship.  Say, if God said that you could design your perfect woman, what would she look like so I could go out and find her for you, what would she look and act and think like?  In this way, you get tons of information about him and he does not even realize that you are nervous.  A couple of these first dates and you wiil be an old pro and will actually be excited for the first date instead of dreading it.  Good luck.  I can be reached at or on my blog at for additional help.

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