More Evidence Disproving The Great Global Warming Hoax

February 11, 2010


     The scientists have gone to great pains to put the blame on the temporary slight increase in the average global temperature on CO2.  There are no scientific experiments according  to the Scientific Method to prove this.  The scientists conveniently forget to tell you that we have been in a world wide cooling cycle for the last 8 years with record low temps being set around the globe.

     There can be a case to be made for man made or anthropogenic global warming but it has absolutely nothing to do with CO2.  We have over 5,000 jets flying over our air space in this country at any one time.  That does not include the rest of the jets flying around other countries.  These jets have an exhaust temp of 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.  That could add to the average temperature increase.

     We have millions of miles of asphalt roads that heat up and reflect back the heat causing increased temps.  We have millions of houses with asphalt shingles that heat up and reflect heat back into the atmosphere. 

     We have millions of cars and trucks that put heat out into the atmosphere.

     Then we have the heat sensors for recording temps being set up in cities.  This gives a false positive for increased temps because of the “heat island effect”.  This is a scandal that is little reported in scientific circles much as less in public circles.

     We also have industry as well as heating plants burning coal to generate electricity that all contribute heat into the atmosphere.

     The best microcosm of the globe can be represented by the Mall of America located in Minneapolis , MN.  It is the second largest mall in the world.  The temperatures routinely get down to 20 below zero in the wintertime.  Now the Mall has no heating apparatus or furnaces of any kind.  In spite of this, it stays a comfortable 68 degrees F in the winter time.  That is an increase of 88 degrees F from outside ambient temperature.  How is this possible.  All of the heat from the lights in the mall plus the aggregate body heat from all of the visitors.

     We have increased the world population by billions of people.  Isn’t it possible that the increase population and all of the other heat causing factors mentioned in the article could result in the one degree increase in world wide temperatures.  Does this not make more sense than CO2 which is a heavier than air gas that sinks to the ground when it is released.  There is a principle in science called Occam’s Razor.  The gist of Occam’s Razor is that the simplest explanation is usually correct.  Does not my explanation make more sense than CO2?  You decide and let me know what you think.

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