A Woman’s Guide To Pleasuring Your Man and Embracing Your Sexuality

July 22, 2012

Pleasuring your man,

I quite enjoyed reading the posts on penises 😉 and figured to contribute my own two cents. First of, let me start out
by saying that in my experience, men love sluts in bed.As the saying goes, “A lady in the streets and a slut in bed” or 
something like it. As you outlined in your posts, you can be a faithful christian and still have a naughty, slutty side to you. All too often, women that are comfortable with their sexuality are mislabeled.
First off, men are aroused by what they see and what they hear. Put on something nice 
for him, preferably something lacy or silky. Men looovve heels. There is something about them that gets their blood flowing into all the right directions. Put on some nice lingerie as well as some lace-up heels andit will be on girl.Men also seem to be into glossy lips so do not forget to top if off with some nice lipgloss. It will give him a kickwhen he sees those glossy lips sucking on his finger or wrapped around his shaft. 
Finally, get our nails done. Run them over his shoulders and down his chest, give him a sexy sigh and tell him how turnedon you are by finally finding a real man.
Also use them to tickle his balls while you are getting him warmed up. 
Put on some romantic music, light some candles or the fireplace, put a nice rug on the floor if you got one and slip on something slutty for him. Let him get comfortable, on a couch or bed. Straddle him and drive your fingernails over hisshoulders and chest (see above) while making some subtle noises that let him know you are turned on by his manliness.
Nibble on his ear and whisper that he can have whatever he wants tonight, while slowly opening his shirt. Then run your nails over his bare chest and shoulders. Sit back a little and admire his bod while biting your lower lip or letting your tonguelick across your glossy lips. It will turn him on.
Lightly bite, suck and nibble on his neck while pressing your tits against his bare chest. The feeling of your tongue andhot breath on his neck as well as your tits pressed against him will send him to cloud 9. 
Slide down on him and gently suck and nibble on his nipples. Women are not the only ones to  have sensitive nipples.Go further down until you are kneeling in front of him and rub his already hard cock through his pants with the palm of yourhand. For an extra effect use the other hands to rub your bald pussy, giving him some sexy moans and letting him know thatyou are just as excited as he is.
Slowly open his pants and pull them down. Leave his underwear on.Comment on how hard his cock is and how much it turns you on.Most likely his hard shaft will be clearly visible through
the underwear. Rub it with your palm, then put your lips on it and trace it while lightly touching it with your tongueand blowing hot air on it. Rub your pussy while doing it, it will be a major turn-on for both of you.
If the head sticks out, very lightly run your tongue over it, giving it a nice shine.
Then suck on his finger while giving him a sexy look and rubbing his shaft and ask him if he wants you to do this to his
If he hasn’t taken his underwear off by himself by now, slowly pull them down. Again, make a sexy noise that let’s himknow you are pleased by what you are seeing.
Before using your mouth, take his cock and trace your tits  especially just your nipples. Rub his shiny head around your hard nipples and givehim a sexy moan. The shiny trace of his cream on your tits will make him hot.
 If you are well-endowed, suck his cream from your nipple while stroking his shaft.
Now he is ready for your mouth. Put your tongue at the base of his shaft and slowly run it up and down his cock while never losing eye contact with him.Take his dick between your lips and run them up and down while tickling his testicles with your fingernails. Before you get
to the head, lick over his balls and gently suck them into your mouth. 
If possible, suck on an ice-cube before doing that. It will make it so much better for him. 
Circle his shiny head with your tongue and let him know how good his cream tastes.
While giving some resistance with your lips, very slowly push his pulsing head into your mouth, circling it with your tongueand sucking on it. While sucking the head, make sure to keep eye contact and moan for him.
After a little while, he will most likely grab the back of your head to push it deeper in your mouth. Let him,you can supressthe gag effect by using normal cough medicine. Let him fuck your mouth.
After pleasing him for a little while, lay back on a rug and let him watch you rub your tits and pussy. If possible have a little bottle of baby-oil  or better yet some KY lubricant near by and squirt it on your tits, rubbing it in slowly.Then tell him in a sultry voice that you want him to fuck your titties.  The way you do that is to use your arms to mash your breasts together and invite him to shove his dick between them.  If you have given your cleavage some nice lubrication, it will feel just like your pussy to him especially the tighter that you squeeze your tits together.
Do this for him once and I can guarantee you he will be wrapped around your finger.  Embrace your sexuality and be sexually adventurous for him as well as yourself and you will be surprised at how romantic he turns.

Seeking Ideas To Add To My New Book: Sex Education For Adults, Secrets To Amazing Sex and Happily Ever After Too

June 12, 2012

Embarking on writing a book is a huge undertaking. Actually selling it is an even bigger undertaking.

I am counting on all my readers to give me ideas to include in the book entitled: Sex Education For Adults, Secrets To Amazing
Sex and Happily Ever After Too.

The premise of the book is that we have no “school for sex” and many men have no clue about how to really pleasure
a woman based upon the myriad comments made to me by women about how lousy most guys are in bed.

Sadly women are often negatively affected by church teaching them as girls that sex was bad, dirty and wrong
and that good girls don’t do it. Often they are negatively conditioned for life and have real ambivalence over
their sexuality based upon this early teaching. It often shows up in what they refuse to do in bed and
what lacy and frilly lingerie they refuse to wear for their husbands. Sex is one of the big 3 that couples fight
about and get divorced over.

Speaking about fighting, there is no school to teach couples how to have peaceful conflict resolution with each
other instead of battling with each other and treating each other as the enemy. Sadly traditional marriage counselors
don’t teach this very vital skill and as a result have a horrendous failure rate of about 75%.

I have those issues dealt with in my book. Where I would appreciate input is in the following areas:
Great dates, cheap dates, seduction dinners complete with recipes, lovemaking techniques, foreplay
techniques and your first time stories.

Help me here readers won’t you please and won’t you please tell people about the up coming book that will be
published on Amazon January 10. 2013

Marriage Is About Sharing, Share This Funny Post With Someone You Love

June 5, 2012

Thanks to Dennis one of my readers for sharing this humorous story. Enjoy and blessings on you and yours. John Wilder

A little some thing to lighten your day.

The old man placed an order for one hamburger, French fries and a 

He unwrapped the plain hamburger and carefully cut it in half, placing one 
half in front of his wife.

He then carefully counted out the French fries, dividing them into two 
piles and neatly placed one pile in front of his wife. 

He took a sip of the drink, his wife took a sip and then set the cup down 
between them. As he began to eat his few bites of hamburger, the people 
around them were looking over and whispering. 

Obviously they were thinking, ‘That poor old couple – all they can afford is 
one meal for the two of them.’

As the man began to eat his fries a young man came to the table and 
politely offered to buy another meal for the old couple. The old man said, 
they were just fine – they were used to sharing everything. 

People closer to the table noticed the little old lady hadn’t eaten a bite. 
sat there watching her husband eat and occasionally taking turns sipping 
the drink.. 

Again, the young man came over and begged them to let him buy 
another meal for them. This time the old woman said ‘No, thank you, we 
are used to sharing everything.’

Finally, as the old man finished and was wiping his face neatly with the 
napkin, the young man again came over to the little old lady who had yet 
to eat a single bite of food and asked ‘What is it you are waiting for?’ 

She answered


Christians Help Me Make My Book a Best Seller

May 29, 2012

I am calling on all my Christian friends to help me make my book a best seller.  It is entitled: Sex Education For Adults, Secrets To Amazing Sex and Happily Ever After Too.  It is based upon biblical principles.  It also shows all the sex positive messages from the Bible.  You know what you hear in church is mostly that sex is bad, dirty and wrong and that “good girls don’t do it”.  They never ever teach you all the sex positive messages in the Bible.  Sex is one of the big 3 that couples fight about.

That is another reason to help me make my book a best seller.  Divorce in our country is about 50% and among Christians it is not much better.  I teach couples how to stop fighting and instead have peaceful conflict resolution.  Traditional marriage counselors don’t teach these very vital skills and this chapter is also biblically based.  I tell my coaching clients that even if they are stone cold atheists, the scripture quotes are outstanding psychology in and of themselves.  How can you argue against:  “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger” and “a soft answer turns away anger”

Sadly the ones most devastated by divorce are our kids.  Most of the problems in our country stem from kids who grew up in a single family home.  One need only look at the president of the United States to see how skewed your world view can be when you only have one parent.  This is not God’s plan.

My book is unique in the sex self help and marriage self help genre.  I can’t find anything like it on Amazon and it is surely needed.  So do me a favor and spread the word by word of mouth.

The book will be published on Amazon January 10, 2013.  It will be an E-book but even if you don’t have an E reader you can order it from my web site as a downloadable PDF book so you don’t need an E reader to buy it.  It will be $9.95 and I promise you that it will be the best $9.95 you ever spent or I will return your money.  How many books give you a money back guarantee?

If you have a business, you can advertise it in my book.  I have embarked on a best seller strategy and have been studying on how to sell books for 3 years now.  You can be a tax deductible sponsor of my book for a mere $50 now or $100 when it goes to press.  It is a novel way to bring more customers to your website.  You can also sell it as an affiliate and I pay 40% commission if you order it from my site rather than Amazon.

So I ask you to pray about it and make a positive difference in the world.

Blessings on you and yours

John Wilder





10 Romantic Dates For Your Spouse, Keep Dating Your Spouse

May 28, 2012

Women feel taken for granted by their husbands because once they get married most men do take their wives for granted.  Men you need to stop this and continue to romance your wife and make her feel special and she will make you feel special in return. Here are some ideas to help keep the romance alive.  You need to date your wife at least once a week.

1.  This one is expensive but will give her a lifetime of positive memories.  Take her out to a NICE restaurant and have reservations made at the restaurant and have tickets to the symphony.  Even if you don’t like classical music, it is awe inspiring to hear it in a great symphony hall.  If you really want extra credit have a limo pick you guys up and make love to her in it on the way home.  Most limo drivers are very sympathetic to romantic hanky panky in the back seat.  Having his window rolled up between you guys is optional depending on how exhibitionistic you want to be.

2. Here is another expensive one but guaranteed life long memories.  Take her on a balloon flight with breakfast and coffee in route.

3.  Take her for a dusk flight over your city and circle over your house in a small plane, hold hands in the plane.

4.  Take her to play minature golf and make sure to lose to her.  Then take her to the arcade and play arcade games together.  Wrap your arms around her and cop an occasional feel while doing these activities

5.  Take her to a state fair and eat junk food and ride the rides and make like teens again.

6.  Take her to an airshow, you will never forget what those planes do in mid air and it is thrilling and exciting and the food at the food vendors is cheap and parking is usually free.

7.  Go to the beach in the early evening and have a picnic dinner together and then make love when it gets dark and go skinny dipping afterwards, VERY ROMANTIC.

8.  Play hookie from work and take a mental health day and get lost exploring your city or a nearbye city. Make sure that the kids have a sitter and go make love in a motel room.  Sort of like an adult Ferriss Bueller’s Day off.

9 Ask her what her idea of a romantic date is and then give it to her.

10 Send her flowers for no reason, have a sitter for the kids and make her dinner at home and then clear the dishes and make love to her right there on the dining room table and eat her for dessert




Best Seller Book Campaign

May 19, 2012

I am very excited to start on a best seller book campaign.

The name of my book is entitled: Sex Education For Adults, Secrets To
Amazing Sex and Happily Ever After Too. My launch date is January 10, 2013.
It will be published as an E-book on Amazon.com

I feel that my book will help a lot of people. I am a marriage, relationship
and sexual coach. Surprise, there is a lot of lousy sex going on out there.
This is because there is no “school for sex” out there to teach men how to please
a woman. Not only that, churches teach kids that sex is bad, dirty and wrong
and that good girls don’t do it. I know, I am an ex Baptist minister.
They never teach the the sex positive messages from the bible.

Also I teach couples how to have peaceful conflict resolution instead of hurting
each other. I promise you it will be the best $9.95 you ever spent or I will
give you your money back. How many other authors offer that guarantee?

Also, if you are having trouble with your spouse, just email with your phone
number and I will call you and give you a free half hour consultation.
How about that for an offer. Should you enter into coaching with me,
I offer the same guarantee, if I don’t help you, you don’t pay. Call
6 marriage counselors out of the phone book at random and see if they
will match that offer. (they won’t) Don’t you think that they should
be held accountable?

Best Seller Book Contest

May 16, 2012

I am going to have a contest for all my readers to guess the total number of books sold

during my best seller campaign with my book release on January 10,2013.  The prizes will 

be for the closest number of guesses for that week total to date.  If you would like to pitch your

products or service, you can include it as prize to induce people to buy my book during that 

week and thus increase your own online visibility and profit from my book campaign

The book is entitled:  Sex Education for Adults, Secrets To Amazing Sex and Happily 

Ever After Too.  It is written from a Christian perspective to counter the views taught in most

churches that sex is bad, dirty and wrong and that good girls don’t do it.  They never 

teach the sex positive messages in the bible.l


Not only will I show you how to have a better sex life but how to stop fighting with your 

spouse and instead have peaceful conflict resolution without hurting each other. The book 

will be first published on Amazon as an E-book.l  I am so confident that my book will help 

you, I am offering you a money back guarantee.  I also offer the same money back 

gaurantee on my coaching services.  Call a half dozen marriage counselors and 

ask them if they would be willing to match that.l  They won’t.  While the book is still under

construction I am also taking ideas on how to be more romantic how to seduce your partner,

better sex techniques, and problem resolution techniques that work for you.  You could

get published in my book if I can use your ideas.  Write me at marriagecoach1@yahoo.com.

Getting More Sex, Cater to Her Cinderella Syndrome

May 14, 2012

Guys you complain about not enough sex from your woman.  I am going to tell you how to get more.

If you put my tips to use, I guarantee that you will get more and better sex.

Every woman from the time that she was a little girl dreamed of “happily ever after” and fantasized about being the princess.  You need to cater to that, ESPECIALLY  when you are not trying to get sex.  If the only time that you pay attention to your woman in any romantic way is when you want to have sex, she will become immune to it and think of it as a chore on her “to do list” and will not be highly motivated to take care of you.

Instead, hug her when you are not trying to get her to have sex with you.  Come up behind her and wrap your arms around her and kiss the back of her neck.  Most women love this.  Send her flowers for no reason other than to remind her of how much you love her.  At night, take her in your arms and do a full body hug and hold it for ten minutes.  Wrap your arms around her and squeeze her breasts against your chest and your crotch against hers and just kiss on her and tell her how lucky you are to have her and how beautiful she is.  Then separate and just go to sleep holding her.  Believe me if you do this, she will be more than willing to make love to you more often.

When you do make love with her, spend more time with her breasts.  Kiss them, lick them, fondle them and suck them for at least ten minutes before doing anything else. Be sure to kiss her mouth to with tongue intermittently.  When you enter her, move in slow motion, don’t try to rush though it.  Sex feels good, why rush trhough it.  Wrap your arms under her back and again press her boobs to your chest and again tell her how good it feels to be insider her and how lucky you are to have her.

Once you are done, hold her and talk to her and again remind her that you love her instead of just rolling over and going to sleep.

I invite all of you guys to give me your own tips on how to make love to a woman and I will publish your comments




5 Things You Can Do To Increase Her Sexual Pleasure

May 12, 2011

Here is a post from Men’s Health designed to make you better in bed. Try using a vibrator as well for foreplay and during the actual sex itself.
John Wilder

Strategic strokes, not size, spark her orgasm. If you really want to know what drives her wild, the answer might just be hiding in her drawer. Here are five lessons you can learn from her favorite sex toys . . .

Linger a Little

Unlike porn actresses, most women first focus sex toys on their clitoris, penetrating only as climax nears, says Lisa Lawless, Ph.D., cofounder of the National Association for Sexual Awareness and Empowerment.

What you can do: Your penis isn’t just for penetration. Use it to stroke her outer labia and clitoris during foreplay, says Vivienne Cass, Ph.D., author of The Elusive Orgasm. Gyrating along these pleasure points while steadily increasing pressure will push her desire to the tipping point, so once you penetrate, you’ll deliver orgasm-inducing thrusts.

Pick the Right Position

G-spot stimulators target the spongy, sensitive area in her upper vaginal wall, 2 inches from the opening. G-spot (as opposed to clitoral) orgasms come from strategic pressure, not size. “Those huge, manmade members aren’t what she’s hiding under the mattress,” says Lawless.

What you can do: To put pressure on this sensitive area with each thrust, you should enter her when she’s on her back, with her knees resting on her chest

Warm Her Up

With two vibrating petals shaped like a set of hare’s ears, the Rabbit rubs both sides of her clitoris.
What you can do: Stimulate (gently) the clitoris from all sides. First, use your index and ring fingers to rub the sides. After she warms up, simultaneously stroke the top of her clitoris with your middle finger, completing the chorus that will send her over the edge.


Dual-action devices massage her clitoris and G-spot in tandem so she’s flushed with sensation in the two areas that trigger an orgasm.

What you can do: Good things come in pairs. If you’re licking her clitoris, finger her G-spot. If she’s in the cowgirl position, rub her clitoris. “At any given time, either the G-spot or the clitoris should receive attention,” says Dorian Solot, coauthor of I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide.

Change Speeds

The classic, multispeed vibrator lets her focus on her most nerve-rich erogenous spot, the clitoris, as she slowly increases the intensity.

What you can do: A little change is good; too much can capsize an orgasm. Always start slow, with gentle, broad strokes of your finger or tongue. Build toward a climax, instead of rapidly changing techniques and intensity. Hum while you lick and you’ll cause the same sensation as her pocket rocket.

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